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In 1899, the Counterfeit Circulation Company Limited is formed to forge Canadian $2.00 notes in Boston, Massachusetts and transport them to Nova Scotia for distribution. In Halifax, Laura Davis begins her litany to her daughters to never marry an Englishman, as a result of her husband Lewis' complicity in the counterfeiting scheme and his affair with another woman. Drawn into the illegal enterprise by his financial and marital difficulties, Lewis William Davis finds himself as the principal of the Boston group formed to print the 1897 Canadian banknotes. Using the daily notes of United States Secret Service agent Owen Owen, which were uncovered by the popular television show Ancestors in the Attic, as well as newspaper accounts of that time period, "Never Marry an Englishman" tells the story of Lewis William Davis' attempt to become richer from his counterfeiting skills and of agent Owen Owen's attempt to capture him.


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