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Colonial & Indigenous relationships, the fur trade, methods of transportation. From 1880 to 1896, these changes were happening faster than ever before in Northern Alberta!

Containing an overview of these transformations, this book documents several news stories from the time. Through it, you can relive one of the greatest expansion periods in Alberta s history!

From starvation, epidemics and land surveys primarily affecting the Indigenous people, to the beginnings of missions and the exploding gold rush, this book documents key events that helped shape the Lesser Slave Lake Region.

During this time, life in the North was being tested. Settlers were moving into the area and the fur trade was considered an economic driver to place Edmonton as a commercial centre. At the same time, the old ways of life, transportation methods and cultural activities were still taking place.

While the focus of this book is the Lesser Slave Lake Region, other areas are included. Northern Alberta which is now about half the province   is a vast geographical space. People were bound to each other through travel routes and the fur trade. What happened in one community often affected the next, even if they were several hundred kilometres apart.

Four themed commentaries give timelines and information on the following subjects: Fur Trade, Travel, Settlement/Development and Indigenous Impacts. An index of names, places and other information containing brief descriptions of events is available in the back of the book. The included articles offer newsworthy highlights and present a snapshot of the people and events in the region.

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