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Heavy Toe Dolly

Heavyweight toe dolly. Enables access in difficult-to-reach areas. Has one flat face and one curved face.

Heel Dolly

Semi-circular model, ideal for rounded and contoured panels. Has one flat face and one convex face.

History Road T-Shirt 2017

History Road T-Shirt 2017

Size Large

History Road T-Shirt 2017 Medium

History Road T-Shirt Mediun 2017

Large Restoration Solder Kit

Solder Kit contains: 2 bars of solder, 1 TIN-EZY Powder (Pure Tin), 1 Paste Flux (general purpose petroleum-based), and 2 Flux brushes.

Learn from the Experts DVD 4 Pack

4-Pack of all the Learn From The Experts DVDs:

Metal Finish Repair

Restoration of Wooden Autobodies

Surface Preparation and Finishes

Automobile Detailing Techniques

Learn from the Experts: Automobile Detailing Techniques

DVD (running time 102 min.)

Learn about automotive detailing techniques from the Reynolds-Alberta Museum experts!

Detailing means caring for and cleaning the entire vehicle including the body, interior, chassis and engine. Detailing your vehicle will make it last longer, increase resale value and stand out.


Learn from the Experts: Metal Finish & Repair

DVD (running time 83 min.)

Learn about museum quality metal finish and repair from the Reynolds-Alberta Museum experts!

The foundation of your restoration project is its metal finish repair work.

Learn from the Experts: Restoration of Wooden Automobile Bodies

DVD (running time 91 min.)

Learn how to restore wooden-bodied automobiles from the experts at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum!

Prior to 1935, many vehicles had bodies that were either entirely, or partially, made of wood. Restoring these bodies can pose special challenges.

Learn from the Experts: Restoration Workshop Manual

Learn everything you need to know for your next restoration project from the experts at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.

This book provides detailed explanations of how to do museum quality restorations. It features descriptions, pictures and tips.

Reynolds-Alberta Museum / 2004 / Softcover

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