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Reynolds-Alberta Museum Penny-Farthing Mug

Reynolds-Alberta Museum Penny-Farthing Mug

Reynolds-Alberta Museum Pottery Mug

Durable and beautiful handmade mug

Reynolds-Alberta Museum Wheat Mug

Reynolds-Alberta Museum Wheat Mug

Sky Riders

An illustrated history of aviation in Alberta from 1906 to 1945.

Spirit of the Machine DVD

DVD (running time 50 min.)

Reynolds-Alberta Museum presents 50 rare, unusual and one-of-a-kind vehicles from its Transportion Collection.

Spirit of the Machine Vol. 1 Book

This book provides commentaries and high-resolution images of 50 select vehicles from the Museum's study collection.

Spirit of the Motorcycle

Motorcycles are so much more than mere transportation: symbols of rebellion, freedom, and power, they have influenced much in our culture. Includes several motorcycles from the Reynolds-Alberta Museum collection.

Spitfire Motormax Die-Cast

Spitfire Motormax Die-Cast

Stan's Garage Glass Mug

This glass mug pays tribute to Stan's passion for automotive history.

What's Under the Hood?

DVD (running time 45 min.)

This is a unique behind-the-scenes tour inside the Reynolds-Alberta Museum's Collections Storage Facility.

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