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Reynolds-Alberta Museum Booklets (10 Pack)

Reynolds-Alberta Museum booklet series on life in Alberta.

#1 Perilous Journeys: Early Motoring in Alberta
#2 Making Hay While the Sun Shone: Haying in Alberta Before 1955
#3 Taking to the Road: Early Auto Touring and Camping in Alberta
#4 Roaring Lizzies: Model T Ford Racing in Alberta
#5 Facing the Land: Homesteading in Alberta
#6 Steel and Steam: Aspects of Breaking Land in Alberta
#7 Designed to Sell: Automobile Styling Trends 1886 to 1980
#8 Toiling in the Woods: Aspects of the Lumber Business in Alberta to 1930
#9 Homegrown: Vignettes About Manufacuring Agricultural Implements in Alber, 1890 to 1955
#10 When the Whistle Blows: Steam Threshing in Alberta

Reynolds-Alberta Museum/ 1992/ Soft Cover

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