DVD Three-Pack

SAVE when you purchase this 3-pack of our great DVDs produced by the Reynolds-Alberta Museum! This pack includes:

Spirit of The Machine (running time 50 min.)

What's Under the Hood(running time 45 min.)

What Every Woman Should Know About the Automobile(running time approximately 12 min.)


Learn from the Experts DVD 4 Pack

4-Pack of all the Learn From The Experts DVDs:

Metal Finish Repair

Restoration of Wooden Autobodies

Surface Preparation and Finishes

Automobile Detailing Techniques

Learn from the Experts: Automobile Detailing Techniques

DVD (running time 102 min.)

Learn about automotive detailing techniques from the Reynolds-Alberta Museum experts!

Detailing means caring for and cleaning the entire vehicle including the body, interior, chassis and engine. Detailing your vehicle will make it last longer, increase resale value and stand out.


Learn from the Experts: Metal Finish & Repair

DVD (running time 83 min.)

Learn about museum quality metal finish and repair from the Reynolds-Alberta Museum experts!

The foundation of your restoration project is its metal finish repair work.

Learn from the Experts: Restoration of Wooden Automobile Bodies

DVD (running time 91 min.)

Learn how to restore wooden-bodied automobiles from the experts at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum!

Prior to 1935, many vehicles had bodies that were either entirely, or partially, made of wood. Restoring these bodies can pose special challenges.

Learn from the Experts: Surface Preparation, Paints and Finishes

DVD (running time 47 min.)

Learn about museum quality surface preparation, paints and finishes from the experts at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.

This DVD explains the strategies, techniques and tools used in museum quality surface preparation, paints and finishes.

Spirit of the Machine DVD

DVD (running time 50 min.)

Reynolds-Alberta Museum presents 50 rare, unusual and one-of-a-kind vehicles from its Transportion Collection.

Stan Reynolds: The Great Collector

DVD (running time 24 min.)

This DVD tells the story of how and why Stan Reynolds, the museum's primary benefactor, became the "Great Collector."

Who is Stan Reynolds?

DVD (running time 58 min.)

Learn more about Stan Reynolds, the primary benefactor of the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.

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