Research Services

Do you need information and cannot do the research yourself? The Provincial Archives can provide contract research services for a fee. Please contact the Provincial Archives of Alberta at 780-415-4867 or to place these types of orders, as they require additional information for us to complete. 


Rush orders are available upon request; please contact the Archives Retail Services Coordinator! (780) 415-4867 or for more information.


These journals have made it easy to record your life story, so you can get back to living it. Whether you're writing for yourself or for a loved one, the prompts inside will help you record the story you don't want to forget. The journal is divided into sections to highlight the different stages of your life: Birth, Childhood Years, Teenage Years, Young Adult Years, Adult Years, and Golden Years.

The perfect present for a loved one to record their oral history, or a means of working through a person's life using genealogical research.

This journal comes in two colours - Blue or Grey.


This journal helps a parent easily document a complete childhood history for their child. It covers from when the mother is pregnant, until the child is 18 years old. Each phase and year of the child's life has custom tailored prompts to ensure quick but meaningful recordings for the parent. A beautiful keepsake for your child's future and a step-by-step means of memory keeping.

This journal comes in two colours - Grey or Navy.


This prompted marriage journal helps couples easily document all the details of their relationship and how they fell in love. It covers from the first time the couple met until their 70th wedding anniversary. Each phase of your relationship has custom tailored prompts to help you capture how you fell in love.

Sections covered and included in the journal are: How We Met, Dating, Proposal, Engagement, Wedding, Wedding Guest Book, Honeymoon, and then the 1st anniversary through the 70th.

That perfect wedding present or wedding anniversary gift.

This journal comes in one colour - Sand.


These journals have made it easy to record your life story, so you can get back to living it. Each travel journal covers one unforgettable trip! The prompts will help you record the most important details, memories, and feelings from your adventure. The journal features sections including: a brief itinerary covering up to a 31 day vacation, memorable moments, highlights, transportation, accommodations, food, mishaps, travel companions, and place to paste mementos and photos.

This journal comes in two colours - Blue or Grey.

TRANSCRIPT, Fee Per Transcript

The PAA can provide a typed transcription of a vital statics register to clients, due to FOIP the vital statistics register cannot be photocopied.

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