Royal Tyrrell Edutour Registration

The Edutour Calendar currently displays the scheduled Single or Double Edutours for the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

Using the information entered in the Participant Information section, the Edutour Calendar will automatically filter and show the Edutour dates available to your group. "Edutour Date – Open” can accommodate either a double or single booking. An Edutour with a grade attached can only accommodate a single booking within that same grade range (i.e. You may only request an "Edutour - Grade 3 - 6" booking if you are booking a Grade 3 class.)

If the Edutour date that you would like does not have adequate space, you may still select that date to be put on the waiting list.

Participant Information
Please indicate the exact grade(s) that will be attending.
Note: There is a maximum of 64 students per Edutour. Should your group exceed that capacity you will need to submit a separate request form(s) for additional Edutour date(s).
Note: At least 1 chaperone is required for every 8 students.
Please Note: If you require multiple Edutours you must submit separate forms for each date. The form will auto populate after the first submission.
To request a booking, please click on an “Edutour Date - Open” or click and drag a Preferred Date block.
Select Dates
Drag over calendar to select a date.
First Preferred Date
Second Preferred Date
Colour Key Current Selections Two Slots Available One Slot Available All Slots Filled
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School Information
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